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  • Tenor mouthpiece

  • Bamboo #1.5 reed

  • Gold plated ligature

  • Chromed plated neck, treated with ultrasonic cleaner

  • In Bb key

  • Perfectly in tune, A=440Hz

  • Hand made in Florida, United States

  • Hygienic, every part is washable

Full Chromatic Scale Capable


Additional Overtones



  • Body height: 11.99" (304mm)

  • Mouthpiece height: 4.18" (106.4mm)

  • Body/Neck angle: 45°


  • Sounding (concert) tones are one whole tone lower than written;
    C sounds like Bb, D like C, etc.

  • All closed holes are low C (concert Bb3)

  • All open holes are high C (concert Bb4)

  • 6 front holes, 1 rear/thumb hole and no keys

  • Corked connection between mouthpiece/neck

  • Ability for fine tune adjustments by moving the mouthpiece up/down.

I would just like to say absolutely LOVE your product. It has such a warm tone compared to your competitors!

Quick Start Guide

Detailed quick start guide which includes a fingering chart and proper tuning instructions can be downloaded below.