Whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to play or a pro in need for tips/tricks, you’ve come to the right place.



Detailed quick start guide which includes a fingering chart and proper tuning instructions can be downloaded below.


Can't read music scores?

We are happy to announce integration with free T3 app

If you are just starting and don’t read music scores yet, T3 offers a great solution. It shows you not only the music scores but also the ABC notation (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) and tabs for the Mini Sax. Tabs show exactly which hole to open or close in order to produce a desired tone.

On top of that T3 has a play feature which plays tunes for you, helping you hear them as you play along.

T3 comes with Georgia on My Mind, as a sample tune transposed specifically for the Mini Sax. You can get more tunes from our store and simply add them to the app by clicking the Open Tunes button.


How do I get it?

T3 App is available in the Windows 10 store for free.

How do i set it up for the mini sax?

In order to setup T3 for the Mini Sax, simply do the following:

  • Download and install T3 App

  • Launch it

  • Click on Harp dropdown and select None

  • Click on Other and select MiniSax Bb

How do I add new tunes?

  • Get the mini sax tune bundle from our store

  • Launch T3 App

  • Click the Open Tune button

  • Choose previously downloaded tune and open it

Additional features

T3 app features many additional instruments as well as the option to add your own tunes.
For more information please visit timwelvaars.com